Russia Claims Ukraine Tried to Sabotage Trump

Russia’s foreign ministry has lashed out at Ukraine for Ukrainian officials’ disapproval of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. In a bizarre rant Wednesday, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called out Ukrainian diplomats for making “rude” remarks about Trump on social media, according to a transcript posted on the ministry’s website. She then accused Ukraine of going to great lengths to try to sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign over the summer, purportedly planting information about Paul Manafort’s shady ties to Ukrainian oligarchs. “Ukraine seriously complicated the work of Trump’s election campaign headquarters by planting information according to which Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, allegedly accepted money from Ukrainian oligarchs,” she said. Accusing Ukraine of “provocations,” she hinted that authorities in Kiev might pull some stunts to remain allies with the U.S. after Trump’s win. “It cannot be ruled out that Kiev wants the United States to remain its main sponsor after Donald Trump’s victory… It appears that keeping this sponsorship is a big challenge for the Kiev authorities, who were uncivilized and rude toward President-elect Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate,” she said.