Rudy Giuliani Vows President Trump Will Sit for Special Counsel Interview 'Over My Dead Body'

Rudy Giuliani slammed the idea of President Trump sitting for an interview with the Special Counsel’s Office, vowing it would only happen “over my dead body.” In reference to meeting with Robert Mueller’s team, the president’s personal lawyer said on “Fox News Sunday” that it would take place "Over my dead body. But you know, I could be dead,” The Hill reported of Giuliani’s statements. Mueller reportedly remains interested in interviewing the President as part of his inquiry into possible Russian collusion during the 2016 election. While Trump did respond to Mueller’s questions in writing, he hasn’t done so in a sit-down. New York City’s former mayor also called Mueller’s office a “joke” and complained about the investigation into Michael Flynn, which led to the ex-general pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. “I am disgusted with the tactics they have used in this case," Giuliani reportedly complained. "What they did to General Flynn should result in discipline. They’re the ones who violated the law. They’re looking at a non-crime, collusion.”