GOP Darling

Rubio Shines at CPAC

"I know I'll be seeing him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue someday," declared Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, as he introduced Marco Rubio at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. The crowd went wild for Rubio, as the senator from Florida played heavily into the conference's running theme of American doom caused by President Obama. "Looks like he's a really good father, looks like he's a really good husband, but he's a terrible president," Rubio said about Obama. "What we have seen is unprecedented in American history ... We are led by a president who has decided to pit Americans against each other ... A calculated effort to win the election." The president wasn't the only one to get bashed. Rubio noted how intimidated he was when he first took his Senate seat two years ago. "And then six months later you look around and think, 'Man, how did they get here?'" he said to a laughing audience. The young senator's name has been floated recently by the Romney and Gingrich campaigns as a potential running mate if their candidates win the nomination.