Rove's Memoir Out in March

For when you finish Going Rogue: Simon & Schuster imprint Threshold Editions has announced that former White House aide Karl Rove's new memoir will be entitled Courage and Consequence and will be released March 9, 2010. Threshold, known for its lineup of conservative political authors including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin,and Dick Cheney, says that Rove's tell-all "frankly responds to critics, passionately articulates his political philosophy and openly explains the reasons behind his decisions in campaigns and the White House." Rove is not the only former member of the Bush administration with plans to release a memoir. George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld will all release memoirs in 2010. Courage and Consequence has been in the works since at least 2007, and USA Today reported that Rove received over $1.5 million for the deal.