Rove Not Conservative Enough

After Karl Rove said that the Republican’s new candidate for Deleware’s Senate seat, Christine O’Donnell, says some “nutty things,” Tea Partiers and others from the far-right have been piling on. Rove made his statements during an interview with Sean Hannity, but Michelle Malkin said on her blog that it “Might as well have been Olbermann on MSNBC.” Conservative blogger Dan Riehl went further, saying on his site RiehlWorldView.com: "Especially given his comments on Fox News tonight, until this is resolved, it seems impossible to trust Rove as an objective analyst ... In terms of the conservative movement, we should not simply ignore him, but proactively work to undermine Rove in whatever ways we can, given his obvious willingness to undermine us." Meanwhile, Meghan McCain asked over Twitter whether “anybody else find the entertainment value in the far right spending the day today attacking karl rove?”