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Ronald Reagan Biopic Planned

Ronald Reagan’s journey from Hollywood actor to 40th U.S. president will reach movie theaters across the country next year, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed Tuesday. A $30-million feature film on the late president, entitled Reagan, based on two of Paul Kengor’s bestselling Reagan biographies, is currently slated for a late 2011 release. Jonas McCord wrote the script using Kengor’s The Crusader and God and Ronald Reagan as its foundation, while Mark Joseph is co-producing the biopic with Ralph Winter. Those behind the film say it will be nothing like CBS’ 2003 miniseries The Reagans, starring Josh Brolin. “Only in Hollywood could you make an insulting, condescending movie about a much-loved historical figure, hire an actor who loathes the man, watch it flop and then somehow conclude that Americans don't want to see a movie about him," Joseph told The Hollywood Reporter. "I watched Americans line up and wait for 10 hours for the simple privilege of passing by his closed casket. They love this man." No director or actors have been attached yet.