Jumping the Gun

Romney: We’re Going to Win

He may be in a three-way tie with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum for the lead in Iowa, but don’t tell that to Mitt Romney. Monday night in front of a crowd of 500 voters at an Asphalt warehouse in Iowa, Romney announced, “We’re gonna win this thing with all of our passion and strength and do everything we can to get this campaign on the right track to go across the nation and to pick up other states and to get the ballots I need and the votes I need to become our nominee.” Romney’s campaign, however, pulled back on the statement, saying the candidate meant he would win the nomination—not necessarily the Iowa caucuses. Those in attendance clapped and whistled loudly at the statement. Meanwhile, Mitt’s wife, Ann, went on the offensive too, saying that her husband “is the guy that is going to beat Barack Obama.” Is the campaigning getting to Romney? Perhaps. In a speech, he created a minor Twitter storm after accidentally saying that his wife looks like the youngest daughter of his family, but is actually his girlfriend.