Romney Stands Up for Gay Rights

Reporter Andy Hiller flung one of the hardest questions of the Sunday-morning GOP debate at Mitt Romney, asking whether he will support the gay community, as he claimed in the ’90s. Romney delivered a confident and decisive answer: "If people are looking for someone who discriminates against gays, they won't find that in me." Hiller: "When was the last time you stood up for increasing gay rights? "Right now," Romney said with his head held high, to a round of applause. Hiller doesn't miss a beat and turns to Rick Santorum: “Would you?” Santorum replies that, “Just because you don't agree with someone's desire to change the law doesn't mean you don't like them.” Hiller pressed him on what he'd do if his son was gay, and Santorum delivered an emotional response: “I would love him as much as I did the second before he said it.”