Down To Earth

Romney Mocks Gingrich in Press Release

"Ground Control to Major Newt: Nevada Needs Jobs, Not Moon Colony," reads the subject of Mitt Romney's latest letter to supporters. As the GOP candidates storm Nevada, Romney wants to make voters aware of just how much Gingrich's proposed lunar settlement would cost—"up to $500 billion," he says. "Meanwhile—here on Earth—Nevada is suffering from a jobs and housing crisis." The moon colony isn't the only expensive, out-of-this-world propsal Gingrich has made, Romney points out. The space-loving candidate has also suggested creating a mirror system to reflect light from space onto American highways at night, offering tax credits for space tourism and manufacturing, and having the government fund a $20 billion mission to Mars. Gingrich has even gone so far as to push a bill laying out statehood and other governing provisions for U.S. territories located outside our planet. "Gingrich's 'grandiose' ideas would result in massive increases in government spending and worsen the deficit," the letter concludes.