War Chest

Romney Has Raised Over $20 Million

The Romney campaign will proceed through the rest of the primary process with a rather large amount of loot in hand. According to a campaign finance report, the frontrunner raised about $24.3 million between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. That's almost 10 times what Newt Gingrich reportedly raised, and it doesn't even include the $24 million his super PAC, 'Restore Our Future' has raised. Barack Obama finished last year having raised $82 million in available cash, but with $3 million in debt. The Romney camp, on the other hand, is currently debt-free. Among the other super PACs reporting their fundraising and expenses today is the Republican 'American Crossroads' which, along with its sister corporation, raised over $51 million last year in it's mission to remove Barack Obama from the White House.