Romney Gaining Ground on Obama

As the results to the New Hampshire primary election start to trickle in, with Mitt Romney expected to win, the former Massachusetts governor continues to move ahead of his fellow Republican candidates in overall favorability to take on President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Romney has seen his support among Republican voters rise from 18 to 33 percent in the past month. And while Obama is still polling ahead of any Republican challenger, the gap between the president and the republican frontrunner is starting to close. Not only is Romney claiming 35 percent of potential New Hampshire GOP voters, with Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman nearly tied for second place, his supporters are the most committed—85 percent saying they’ll definitely vote for him. Romney has taken a lot of heat from the media and his competitors for saying that he likes “being able to fire people,” when talking about health insurance providers. Today, however, rivals Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul defended the former Bain Capital CEO against those who misinterpret his wordchoice.