Romney and Paul Have Each Other’s Backs

The many GOP debates and attack ads against competitors have made it clear that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have some sort of truce. The two refuse to lay a hand on each other, and that respect may go beyond the fact that their wives became friends during the 2008 campaign. The Washington Post notes that it's in both candidates’ best interests to support each other. The chances that Paul will win the nomination are slim, so he would be wise to support the most likely winner in hopes of securing a position within his potential administration. Romney, on the other hand, would be lucky to inherit Paul’s fan base if and when he drops out. “It would be very foolish for anybody in the Republican Party to dismiss a very real constituency,” one senior GOP aide said. “Ron Paul plays a very valuable part in the process and brings a lot of voters toward the Republican Party and ultimately into the voting booth, and that’s something that can’t be ignored.”