Robin Thicke: My Song Empowers Women

Here’s a new interpretation of Robin Thicke’s controversial summer anthem, according to Robin Thicke: “It’s actually a feminist movement in itself.” The singer defended accusations that “Blurred Lines” has a rape subtext after performing on the Today show Tuesday, telling Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie that it’s actually about empowering women. If you listen to the song, Thicke explained, “it says ‘That man is not your maker.’” In other words, you go girl! As for the other lyrics about “something big enough to tear your ass in two,” Thicke was just trying to “put people on the dance floor and have a good time.” Let’s be honest: Thicke’s song is like a Taylor Swift ballad in comparison to other male musicians’ blatantly offensive—if not extremely violent—songs about women. Do a web search for “Eminem Superman lyrics” and you’ll see what we mean.