Robbers Executed Witness After His Identity Was Mistakenly Released by Courts

A witness to a robbery was murdered outside his home in Denver after local court officials mistakenly released secret court documents that revealed his identity, officials have confirmed. David Henderson, 48, was shot 10 times and killed in October 2016. Prosecutors have revealed the motive for the killing was Henderson’s cooperation with detectives after he witnessed a marijuana shop robbery two months earlier. Prosecutors said suspect Terance Black found out about Henderson’s cooperation with police while he was out on bond for the robbery charges after documents were wrongly mailed to someone in the investigation who then told Black. Black believed the case against him and his mother would fall apart without Henderson’s evidence and he and Tina Black were reportedly overheard saying Henderson “had been snitching and snitches get stitches.” Terance and Tina Black were sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole for the murder of the witness.