RNC Hangs 2010 Fundraising on Fear

From the department of "no one was supposed to see this" comes the Republican National Committee's internal pitch to its fundraisers. A PowerPoint presentation, obtained by Politico, makes it clear that the committee's strategy for raising money this election cycle will be fear-mongering. The committee says its campaign should focus on a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism." Helpful advice included is that wealthy "ego-driven" donors can be seduced by offers of access and, what they termed "tchochkes." Another gem from the presentation is the page headed "The Evil Empire." On it, President Obama is made to look like the Joker from Batman, Nancy Pelosi is depicted as Cruella DeVille, and Harry Reid as Scooby-Doo. RNC Chairman Michael Steele's office has already distanced itself from the pitch. "Obviously, the chairman disagrees with the language and finds the use of such imagery to be unacceptable," committee communications director Doug Heye told Politico.