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Rihanna and Chris: What Happened?

Sad new details are leaking out about what happened between Rihanna and R&B singer beau Chris Brown the night before the Grammy Awards this weekend. TMZ (which initially reported incorrectly that a weapon was involved, so take with a grain of salt) is reporting that Brown, 19, will "almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery." Photos of Rihanna taken after the alleged assault "clearly show contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm," TMZ says. According to TMZ, when their fight began, Rihanna told Brown she was going to go to the police, which caused him to threaten to kill her and escalated his "violent attack with his fists." TMZ claims the LAPD police report details an "ongoing and escalating abusive relationship" between the two young stars. Both Brown and Rihanna are currently holed up separately in L.A., according to Fox News, which reports Brown's label is "having trouble finding an outside agency to do spin control."