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Right Rallies Behind ACORN 'Pimp'

When James O’Keefe, the ACORN “pimp,” was arrested at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, his patron Andrew Breitbart originally distanced himself. But now, Breitbart has enthusiastically taken up O’Keefe’s defense, and is even floating complicated theories about O’Keefe’s arrest. Breitbart has accused the U.S. Attorney—who has stepped aside from the case—of leaking information to the media and says the office has it in for O’Keefe because “it's tied to the Justice Department. And we've been very aggressive in asking Eric Holder to investigate what's seen on the ACORN tapes, and he's ignored it." Breitbart also claimed that O'Keefe was denied access to a lawyer for 28 hours. O’Keefe, meanwhile, appeared with Sean Hannity to announce, "I really did not think we broke any laws. I think this is sort of a misunderstanding."