Standing Tall

Rick Brushes Off ‘Economic Lightweight’ Charge

Last week Mitt Romney belittled Rick Santorum’s economic experience, calling him a “lightweight.” Santorum defended himself against this charge on Monday. “I heard Governor Romney here called me an economic lightweight because I wasn’t a Wall Street financier like he was. Do you really believe this country wants to elect a Wall Street financier as the president of the United States?” he asked while campaigning in Rockford, Ill. He continued to slam Mitt’s financial work, and then he got real with the audience. “I may have less experience in Wall Street than Governor Romney does,” he said. “My experience in the private sector was helping a small technology company after I left the United States Senate. I worked three years on it. We didn’t succeed,” he confessed. “We fought through a very tough economic time but you know what? It was a great experience for me. One of the things I found in life is you learn a lot more from your failures than you do from your successes.”