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Retired Cop’s Hunch Led to Man Suspected of Six Killings

A retired police detective told Arizona cops he had a hunch that his wife’s ex was a serial killer. And it seems he was right. The suspected murderer, 56-year-old Dwight Lamon Jones, killed himself Monday as officers closed in after the breakthrough in the case. Jones’s ex-wife, Connie, said her current husband made the connection between her divorce and the crime scenes at which six people were shot dead in the Phoenix area. Some of the victims were directly connected to the divorce, including a psychiatrist who testified against him in court in 2010, two paralegals who worked for the office that represented the suspect’s ex-wife, a marriage-and-divorce counselor who was apparently targeted in a case of mistaken identity, and another man and woman who have not yet been identified. The suspect’s ex-wife said her current husband made the connection and told cops Saturday night.