Health Hazard

Researchers Find Carcinogens in Gulf

The well may be capped, but fallout from the disastrous BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to come to light. Scientists testing the waters near Louisiana have found an alarmingly high increase in carcinogenic substances, according to a report from Oregon State University. Devices testing for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs—which include many cancer-causing agents—found a 40-fold increase between May and June, according to the researchers. “This would be the largest PAH changes I’ve seen in over a decade of doing this,” said Kim Anderson of OSU. The findings, however, may not necessarily mean that the substances have made their way up the food chain. “The USDA is testing the seafood and I would presume that they’ve ensured that what’s on the market is safe to eat,” Anderson said.