Desperate Measures

Republicans Threaten Reconciliation

Republicans have repeatedly warned Democrats that they’ll stop at nothing to stall the reconciliation process, which they can do by offering copious amounts of amendments. One Republican aide even said, “While debate time is limited, the number and content of amendments are not.” But is this a foolproof strategy? Reconciliation experts say that the Dems can circumvent those amendments by simply waiving them. But how can they stop the onslaught of amendments Republicans may throw at them? “That's uncharted territory,” says Talking Points Memo, “but, as one expert points out, the chair in the Senate—a.k.a. Vice President Joe Biden—has almost unlimited power to make rulings so long as 50 members are willing to go along with them. And if Republican tactics were to go over the line, Democrats would theoretically be able to put a stop to them.”