Republicans Think Obama Stole Election

Public Policy Polling brings us the latest installment in pollsters' ongoing series: "Which crazy conspiracy theory do a majority of Republicans believe now?" The latest example is a question on whether President Obama's 2008 election victory, in which he defeated his Republican rival by well over 8 million votes, was legitimate or whether the entire operation was somehow rigged by ACORN. Astoundingly, a whopping 52 percent of Republicans polled said they believed ACORN "stole it" for Obama, versus 18 percent among independents who reported the same belief, and 26 percent of the overall population. The numbers come despite the fact that Obama's margin of victory closely tracked independent polling and despite a lack of evidence of any widespread voter fraud. According to PPP, the number of ACORN conspiracy theorists in the GOP is even higher than the number of "birthers," which they pegged at 42 percent of the party faithful in September.