Republicans Flee D.C.

They are not exactly sore losers, but aware perhaps that their attendance at the Obama celebrations is not expected. Republicans are generally making themselves scarce from the inauguration parties on January 20. Charlie Spies, one of Mitt Romney’s top fundraisers, is hosting an “Inauguration in Exile” – in Las Vegas. The invitation reads: “What better way to mark the Obama Inauguration (and his millions of adoring fans that will be in DC) than to get out of town to fabulous Las Vegas!” Other GOPers are marking the end of the Bush era on the slopes, the islands, the NFL playoffs and even on honeymoon. Republican lobbyist Greg Crist will be crying into his beer. Or as he put it, “I will be pondering the future of my party at a remote location, aided in the conversation by my friend Jack Daniels.” As will Ryan Patmintra, press secretary to Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), who gets married in Tampa before honeymooning in Phuket, Thailand. “I'll be halfway across the world and hopefully sipping on a drink out of a coconut,” he said with glee.