Vince McMahon Announces XFL Return

Pro-wrestling mogul Vince McMahon on Thursday announced the revival of the XFL, a controversial football league he created and which played only one season in 2001. The revamped league will not begin play until 2020. The new XFL will not focus on scantily-clad cheerleaders or “extreme” on-field antics like its predecessor. In announcing the league, McMahon emphasized faster games and the prohibition against players expressing political or social views on the field (i.e., no kneeling during the national anthem). The original iteration of the league put a premium on “old-school, no-holds-barred football,” was previously supported by NBC, but fizzled out when the league became “too much” and “too extreme.” While the previous iteration of the sports league was a going WWE-NBC venture, the reboot is not affiliated formally with the WWE whatsoever.