Report: USC Medical School Dean’s Secret ‘Drug-Fueled’ Party Life

The former dean of University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine has a sordid history of drug-fueled parties with escorts and addicts, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday. Dr. Carmen Puliafito resigned his prestigious deanship in March 2016, mere weeks after a 21-year-old female companion overdosed (and recovered) in his Pasadena hotel room—a previously unreported incident that led the Times to discover the doctor’s history. Based on photographs, videos, and first-person accounts from several of his drug-related companions (including the woman who overdosed and her younger brother), the Times discovered numerous times in which Puliafito used methamphetamines, ecstacy, and other drugs. Although he left his dean position, Puliafito still publicly represents the university, the Times noted.