Odd Jobs

Report: Trump’s Border Troops Are Busy Shoveling Manure and Doing Other Chores

The thousands of troops Donald Trump ordered to protect the U.S.-Mexico border are busy shoveling manure, changing tires, and carrying out other chores rather than watching the border, Politico reports. In April, Trump ordered National Guard troops to the border to help protect it amid the hysteria surrounding a migrant caravan reported to be heading north from Central America. Politico found that the troops are actually unarmed and “as far away from the border as possible.” They are instead carrying out menial tasks such as feeding and cleaning out manure from Border Patrol horses, maintaining patrol vehicles, and clearing vegetation. The troops aren’t permitted to take part in patrols or participate in operations to detain people, but their presence frees up official Border Patrol agents. According to the report, the troops’ favorite horse is Smuggles the Mustang.