Report: Trump Wants New Arab Force to Take Over U.S. Role in Syria

The Trump administration is reaching out to Arab nations to have them replace U.S. forces in Syria after the defeat of the so-called Islamic State, The Wall Street Journal reports. President Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, has reportedly contacted Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, General Abbas Kamel, to ask if Egyptian forces can contribute. Officials cited by the Journal say Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have also been asked to send troops, in addition to billions of dollars for restoration efforts in the war-torn country. The news comes as Trump seeks to pull U.S. troops out of the country, a move some say has been jeopardized by recent U.S. airstrikes. In announcing the airstrikes late Friday, Trump said U.S. partners in the region would be asked to take “greater responsibility,” including by “contributing larger amounts of money.”