Report: Trump Team Hired Spies to ‘Get Dirt’ on Players in Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump’s aides hired a private Israeli intelligence firm to “get dirt” on key players behind the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, according to The Observer. Private investigators were reportedly hired in May of last year as part of a “dirty ops” campaign against Ben Rhodes, one of former President Obama’s national security advisers, and Colin Kahl, a deputy assistant to Obama. “The idea was that people acting for Trump would discredit those who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it,” a source was quoted as saying. Members of Trump’s team are said to have made the move after the president paid a visit to Tel Aviv, where he promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran would never get nuclear weapons. Private investigators were reportedly asked to target not only the political careers of Rhodes and Kahl, but also their personal lives.