Report: Trump Organization Missed Routine Property Tax Deadlines in 5 States

The Trump Organization failed to pay routine property taxes in five states over the last year, racking up $61,800 in “penalties, interest, and missed discounts,” according to a Wednesday report from The Washington Post. The company, still owned by Trump but managed by sons Eric and Don Jr., receives hundreds of property tax bills every year, which had previously been paid on time. But last year, the Post reports, a bevy of payments in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California, and Florida were turned in late. The move “puzzled” policy experts, who told the Post that “If you’re a professional organization, you’re typically not late on property-tax bills.” Some of the omissions were particularly perplexing: In California, the Post notes, the company made the deadline for five-eighths of a golf course but missed the deadline for the remainder. A representative for the Trump Organization denied the Post’s charges outright, writing that “We have always paid our real estate taxes on a timely basis, and to say otherwise is totally disingenuous.”