Report: Trump Campaign Behind on Legal Fees

The Trump campaign is reportedly lagging in paying its legal fees, which have topped $4 million, Politico reported Thursday. During his presidential campaign, Trump was often accused of inciting violence, and said he would pay his supporters’ legal fees if they were sued after violently attacking protesters. Politico reports that in at least four of the cases involving alleged assaults and incitements, Federal Election Commission filings hadn’t yet shown that the Trump campaign paid the law firms taking up the cases, or showed that payments were late or in small amounts that didn’t “appear commensurate with the amount of work performed by the firms.” Additionally, in two cases the campaign reportedly settled lawsuits by making one-time payments to the law firms involved. Those payments were reported to have been labeled as “legal consulting” in the campaign’s FEC filings. The campaign’s legal fees have topped half a million dollars since Election Day, bringing the total to more than $4 million. The report states that total is more than double the legal fees accrued by the Obama White House this far into his first term.