Report: Trump Aide Harasses Female Reporters

Allegations of inappropriate behavior by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski continued to mount Monday when BuzzFeed News reported that he often allegedly makes sexually suggestive remarks to female reporters. "Sources told BuzzFeed News that more than once, [Lewandowski] has called female reporters late at night to come on to them, often not sounding entirely sober," the digital outlet reported. "Some in the press corps joke that if Lewandowski is calling after a certain hour, women are better off not answering." Additionally, the piece alleges, "in conversations with reporters, he has expressed frustration with female journalists covering the campaign while also voicing a wish to have sex with them." Lewandowski has come under extra scrutiny since he allegedly grabbed reporter Michelle Fields as she tried to ask Trump a question. The candidate has wholeheartedly backed his top aide, openly praising him during a post-victory speech last Tuesday.