Report: Tomi Lahren ‘Suspended’ by TheBlaze

Right-wing firebrand and rising media star Tomi Lahren has reportedly been suspended by TheBlaze, where she hosts a primetime commentary show. Lahren, 24, came into controversy over the weekend after a Friday appearance on The View, in which she claimed to be “pro-choice” and essentially argued that anti-abortion conservatives are hypocrites. Her comments led to a public scolding from her boss, Glenn Beck, who then used his radio show on Monday morning to subtly jab at her as intellectually dishonest. According to The Daily Caller, another conservative outlet, Lahren’s “suspension is in effect for at least one week,” and that even though “Lahren’s contract with the company goes until September... she may leave the company before then.” The reasons for her alleged suspension were not revealed in the report.

Two sources told The Daily Beast that Leon Wolf, TheBlaze’s managing editor, had sent a messages to Blaze staff informing them that Lahren’s show would “not be in production this week.” When reached by The Daily Beast on Monday, Wolf said that “it was communicated to me that [Tomi’s] show was not going to be produced this week," and that he wanted to let Blaze employees know before they heard about it elsewhere. He said he did not specifically use the term “suspended.” TheBlaze and Lahren did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast's requests for comment.

–Asawin Suebsaeng