Report: Steve Bannon in Talks to Make a Hollywood Western

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly in talks with Hollywood movie companies to make a Western. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Bannon’s appearance on the Hollywood circuit has spooked some of the more liberal types, but caught the interest of movie executives who have apparently been willing to consider his ideas. “The Western thing actually makes sense when you consider his strategy with Trump,” one source was cited as saying in the report. “Maybe [Bannon] thinks there’s an untapped market for movies about John Wayne-style alpha males.” Bannon worked as a producer in Hollywood before shifting to politics, having made The Indian Runner and Titus in the 1990s, as well as a string of right-wing political documentaries in the 2000s. He can also take credit for writing a hip-hop musical about the L.A. riots that George Clooney recently slammed as “one of the worst scripts I’ve ever read.”