Plaza Drama

Report: Sheen’s Escort Files Criminal Complaint

Capri Anderson, the escort with Charlie Sheen during his notorious night at the Plaza Hotel, has filed a criminal complaint against the actor, TMZ reported Monday. The hard-core porn star appeared on Good Morning America on Monday morning and opened up about their drug-fueled evening. “I never expected the night to unfold the way it did,” the 22 year old explained with tears in her eyes. Once at dinner, Sheen poured her drinks and began snorting “a white powdery substance,” she says. After that, Anderson alleges he became violent, calling her a “whore” multiple times. Later, at the Plaza Hotel, Anderson claims he threw a lamp and remote control at her. Anderson also said that though Sheen agreed to pay her $3,500 to escort her to dinner, she still has not been paid. She also claims she was offered $20,000 "in a text message" to stay mum on her evening with Sheen. The actor, meanwhile, responded to Anderson’s interview through his manager, who told TMZ, “This is a woman, who for the right amount of money, sleeps with strangers.”