Report: ‘Sex-for-Rent’ Online Ads Target Young, Gay Men

A BuzzFeed News investigation found a pervasive network of “sex-for-rent” requests on Facebook and other websites that expose young, vulnerable men to sometimes dangerous situations while they try to avoid sleeping on the streets. A Facebook group titled “Gay Houseboy’s and those who hire them” advertise room openings in the U.K. for reduced or free rent in exchange for housework and, more often than not, sexual favors from young men. The group’s admin says that they have “never had an incident from Facebook,” despite the salacious requests that are often communicated in code or using innuendo. Some of these men have been exposed to drugs and STDs while working as a “houseboy.” Others say the arrangement blurs the line between consent and rape. This comes as reports of other “sex-for-rent” arrangements between men and women have been making headlines.