Report: Scott Pruitt Asked Aides for Help Getting Wife $200,000-a-Year Job

Former EPA employees’ testimonies to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last week revealed the extent of Administrator Scott Pruitt’s use of his employees as personal servants—from finding a six-figure job for Pruitt’s wife to housing consultations. The Washington Post reports that former EPA employee Samantha Dravis was asked by Pruitt for legal advice on how to get out of a rental cancellation charge and to help his wife find a job that would earn her $200,000 a year. Pruitt initially asked her to contact Republican Attorneys General Association for a potential job—an organization he used to lead and where Dravis used to work. Dravis reportedly declined to make the call, in order to avoid “any potential conflicts of interest or possible violations of the Hatch Act.” CNN also reports that the EPA kept “secret” calendars and schedules, and made a habit of scrubbing Pruitt’s official schedule because certain meetings would “look bad,” according to former deputy chief of staff Kevin Chmielewski.