Report: Palmer Luckey Gave Trump Inaugural Committee $100K

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was reportedly a major contributor to President Trump’s inaugural committee, with a $100,000 donation. Luckey, a virtual-reality guru with an estimated $730 million fortune, found himself at the center of controversy last fall over his involvement with a group spreading derogatory memes about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. He came under fire in September after The Daily Beast revealed that he’d been secretly funding a pro-Trump organization called Nimble America, whose main purpose was churning out offensive memes about Clinton. Luckey left Facebook in March after keeping a low profile in the wake of that scandal. But Luckey’s support for Trump apparently didn’t end there, as he has now been tied to a $100,000 donation made to Trump on Jan. 4. A report from Mother Jones on Wednesday said the donation was made from a limited liability company named Wings of Time, an organization registered at an address frequently used by Luckey in other business dealings. Citing California records, the report said the manager of Wings of Time was listed as Fiendlord’s Keep, for which Luckey is identified as the sole officer. Luckey has not yet commented on the report.