Report: NSA Bugged U.N.

Did the NSA see the movie The Interpreter as a challenge or something? National Security Agency bugged the United Nations in the summer of 2012, successfully penetrating the internal video conferencing system—which happens to violate the U.N.’s espionage act. German magazine Der Spiegel cited secret documents obtained by the NSA’s nemesis, Edward Snowden, who has now sought asylum in Russia. The NSA cracked the internal coding system and then, in communication between members, wrote “the data traffic gives us internal video teleconferences of the United Nations. (yay!)” The NSA also bugged the European Union embassy down the street in New York, one of 80 embassies the NSA bugged around the world as part of a project called “Special Collection Services.” And to make things even shadier, NSA agents were also apparently spying their own "love interests."