Report: NFL Owners Float 15-Yard Penalty for Anthem Kneeling

During a three-hour “privileged session” on Tuesday, NFL owners floated the idea of imposing 15-yard penalties for kneeling during the national anthem at games, according to Sports Illustrated. The magazine reported that, under the proposal, it would be up to the home team to decide whether teams stay in locker rooms or head out to the field during the anthem. If the home team decides that players should be out on the field, then a 15-yard penalty “could be assessed for kneeling.” The meeting also reportedly discussed the league’s partnership with the Players Coalition and finalized the terms of “a seven-year, $89 million social-justice” deal with them. This comes as ex-players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid have both sued the NFL, alleging that teams “colluded to keep them unemployed” after they started kneeling in protest of police brutality.