Report: Ivanka Trump Told Michael Cohen to Contact Russian Athlete for Moscow Project

Ivanka Trump reportedly told President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to contact a Russian athlete who said he could arrange a Trump-Putin meeting, according to emails reviewed by BuzzFeed News. Cohen was urged to speak with wrestler Dmitry Klokov in November 2015 about the building of a Trump property in Moscow—and they reportedly had “at least” one phone conversation. In one email exchange, Klokov told Cohen that he could secure a meeting with Trump and Russian President Putin to “pave the way for the tower.” Cohen refused, saying that a non-binding agreement had been signed in October 2015. Klokov then copied Ivanka Trump on the email, expressing anger that Cohen was cutting off communication. Ivanka Trump then told Cohen to “continue communicating” with him. Klokov denied sending emails to Cohen, and Trump said her only involvement with the Moscow tower was to make sure it “conform[ed] with the highest design and architectural standards.”