Report: Feds Seized Cohen Recordings in Raids

The feds seized recordings during their raids on Michael Cohen's office, residence and hotel room, according to ABC News. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney was “known to record conversations with reporters” and may have recorded conversations with Trump himself, the outlet reports. Cohen would reportedly play recordings with reporters to Trump “in order to deal with reporters on certain stories.” It is not clear what is on the recordings. CNN also reported that recordings between Cohen and Keith Davidson, Stormy Daniels' and Karen McDougal's former attorney, were seized in the raid. The New York Times said the raid also sought “all communication with the campaign,” especially communications with Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks. Trump's allies are reportedly concerned about what the FBI took in the raid. Earlier Friday, Trump called Cohen to “check-in” while their lawyers attempt to block the Department of Justice from looking at communications between them.