Report: FBI Probes Russian News Agency Sputnik

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Sputnik, the government-funded news agency in Russia, is operating in the U.S. as an undeclared propaganda arm of the Kremlin, according to Yahoo News. Agents have already questioned a former White House correspondent for the news agency this month, he confirmed to Yahoo News. If the FBI determines that Sputnik is operating as such, it could be a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Yahoo News also reports that federal agents have their hands on thousands of emails and documents from the news agency, which were allegedly provided by Andrew Feinberg, the former reporter who took the material before he was fired last spring. Feinberg told Yahoo News he sat for questioning for more than two hours on Sept. 1, during which he answered questions about Sputnik’s “internal structure, editorial processes, and funding,” among other things.