Report: Canada to Pay Ex-Guantanamo Inmate $7.7M

Canada’s government will reportedly pay about $7.7 million in compensation to a former Guantanamo prison inmate accused of killing a U.S. Army medic in 2002. Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, 30, initially pleaded guilty to the killing but later recanted, saying he’d been coerced during interrogation. He spent 10 years at the U.S. military prison before he returned to Canada in 2012. Khadr will also receive an apology from the Ottawa government, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the matter. Canada’s supreme court ruled in 2010 that Khadr’s rights were violated when Canadian authorities shared the results of their interrogations with the U.S. Khadr sued Ottawa for $15 million, though his lawyers reportedly came to an agreement for a smaller sum. The move has triggered protests in Canada, and the widow of the U.S. soldier he allegedly killed said she plans to file suit to stop the payment.