Report: 38% of New York’s Muslims, Jews, Sikhs Have Faced Faith-Based Harassment

An estimated 38 percent of Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs living in New York City have experienced some form of faith-based harassment since mid-2016, according to a New York City Commission on Human Rights report. The results of the survey, cited Monday by ProPublica, show that of the 3,000 New Yorkers in religious minorities surveyed, 38 percent reported they had been “verbally harassed or taunted because of their race or faith,” and 10 percent reported an instance of physical assault. Additionally, 18 percent of Sikhs told surveyors they had been refused services at local businesses because of their religion. The results are “consistent with national and local trends” on hate crimes, ProPublica notes, which have seen a steady rise in recent years. ProPublica concluded that the population most at risk may be black Muslim women in the Bronx, where one in five reported a physical assault in the two-year period.