Rep. Matt Gaetz: Michael Cohen’s Family Life Is ‘Relevant’ Ahead of His Hearing

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) doubled down in attacking President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen late Tuesday, telling lawmakers ahead of Cohen's public hearing that he had “tangled such a web of lies” that he could no longer be believed to tell the truth. “I guess tomorrow we will find out if there's anyone that Michael Cohen hasn't lied to. We already knew he lied to Congress. We already knew he lied to law enforcement, lied to the IRS, lied to three banks, and he's going to prison for his lies!” he said. “And so I guess it will be relevant for us to determine like, does he lie to his own family? Does he lie to his financiers? Does he lie to his financiers who are members of his family?” Gaetz continued, apparently trying to justify an earlier tweet in which he accused Cohen of cheating on his wife and suggested the infidelity would soon be revealed. Gaetz insisted the tweet was not an attempt at witness intimidation. “No, it is challenging the veracity and character of a witness. We do it everyday. We typically do it during people's testimony,” Gaetz told The Daily Beast. “This is what it looks like to compete in the marketplace of ideas.”