Remains Found in Missing Woman's Home

New Jersey police are investigating human remains discovered in a cement-filled, 55-gallon drum in the Jersey City home where a missing woman, Randy "Amanda" Lehrer, once lived. Lehrer's husband, Steven Acuna, reported that she was missing back in August, but police say he is now refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Lehrer was last seen arguing with her husband outside the restaurant where she worked, according to witnesses. "Her husband was waiting for her on the corner with their baby. He just left the kid and the stroller here and went chasing after her. I didn't see what happened but he came back, got the baby and left," a witness told NBC New York. Her boss said Acuna phoned the restaurant three days later to say Lehrer had gone to visit her sick mother in Canada and wouldn't be returning to work—but Lehrer's sister later confirmed that their mother had never been ill. The human remains have not yet been identified, and no arrests have been made in the missing woman's case.