Relaunching the GOP Brand

Feel like the Republican Party has taken one too many hits lately? So do the founders of “Call Me, G.O.P.,” a site launched this week that aims to rebrand the party. Calling on their advertising background at ad agency Story Worldwide, the founders set out to do a “brand-discovery-expression” exercise (as it’s known in the business) aimed at rebuilding the Republican Party “brand”: They are inviting both Democrats and Republicans to engage in a constructive dialogue, via the site’s blogs and comment, about how the Republican Party should tackle its problems, what steps it should take, and ultimately, “what a brand means and should mean to people.” This isn’t just another conservative vs. liberal bashing forum—one founder is a registered Democrat and another is an unregistered conservative. This is business: It’s about building the best product they can in their eight-week timeline. Though the GOP is not a client of Story Worldwide, and thus is not paying the advertising company for the work, it will be interesting to see where this social experiment leads.