Recipient of Campbell's Diamonds Quits Charity

One of the key players in the "blood diamond" controversy surrounding Naomi Campbell resigned Wednesday as a board member of a charity founded by former South African President Nelson Mandela. Jeremy Ratcliffe testified he received uncut diamonds from model Naomi Campbell—who has been accused of receiving “blood diamonds” from Liberian Charles Taylor—and then waited 13 years before telling police of the incident. Ratcliffe had once served as the chief executive officer of the fund, which released a statement saying Ratcliffe now could face prosecution for his role in the case. Campbell testified on Aug. 5th that she received “dirty looking stones” from Taylor while at a party at Mandela’s home, and then gave them to Ratcliffe. Taylor is on trial for some 11 counts of war crimes, including providing weapons to a Sierra Leone rebel movement in exchange for diamonds.