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Rebels Reject A.U. Peace Plan

The Libyan rebels have rejected the African Union’s peace plan because it did not include Gaddafi’s resignation. The plan, which Gaddafi accepted, called for a ceasefire. But the rebels said they would agree to a ceasefire only if Gaddafi’s forces withdrew from towns and streets and freedom of expression was permitted throughout Libya. Even then, the rebels were also doubtful that Gaddafi would abide by any ceasefire. The plan was met with cautious optimism by the international community, with the NATO secretary general specifiying that any ceasefire would have to be “credible and verifiable” and British Foreign Secretary William Hague saying any ceasefire would have to meet the U.N. resolution in full. Meanwhile, Gaddafi’s forces launched an attack on the town of Ajdabiya before being repulsed by the rebels, and continued shelling the rebel-held town of Misrata.