Real Housewife in Row over Owl Necklace

Real Housewives of New York City drama queen Kelly Bensimon made front page news when she allegedly beat up her younger boyfriend, and now she’s being sued for stealing a jewelry idea from a former colleague at Elle. Bensimon was editor-in-chief of Elle Accessories when Celeste Greenberg loaned her a vintage owl pendant and the two supposedly loved it so much they made plans to design and replicate the oversized bird and split the profits. Now that Benismon is hawking the owl necklace on the reality show—and selling it for $325 on her Web site—her one-time coworker is crying foul. A rep for Bensimon told the New York Post's Page Six, “[Greenberg] is coming after her because she needs money and Kelly's name is in the press. There's no validity to this.”